As a member of Barbershop Harmony Society, Harmony Express' mission is to preserve and educate, sharing the joy of barbershop singing through performance and outreach.

Our core programs include:

  • Chorus Training - We rehearse regularly and participate in training opportunities for individuals, choruses, and directors.
  • Experience/Learn - We invite the public to come and experience a rehearsal and learn to sing in the barbershop style.
  • Seniors Outreach - Quartets or larger groups perform for seniors in their residential community or senior center. We call the larger groups VLQ's, short for Very Large Quartets. 
  • Singing Valentines - We deliver singing greetings, for Valentines Day, birthdays, or any special occasion. 
  • Community Outreach - We regularly share the barbershop sound at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair and other community events. 
  • Shows - Periodically, we will produce a show, sometimes in conjunction with other chorus groups, sometimes with skits, but always fun for us and the audience.
  • Youth in Harmony - Through this program, we introduce the next generation to the joy of barbershop singing. Our last venture brought two high schools together with over 40 students learning to sing in the barbershop style.