Our Leadership

Harmony Express thrives in part because of the commitment of the people in leadership. Here are the people that make our ensemble tick:

  • Director: Frank Kirschner
  • President: Rob Dowling
  • Vice President, Music: Nancy McMahan Farrar
  • Vice President, Chapter Membership¬†Development: Steven Fink
  • Immediate Past President: Dave Byers
  • Secretary: Dan Zabronsky
  • Treasurer: Bill Merritt
  • Board Member at Large: Doug Smith
  • Board Member at Large: Vince Lynch
  • Board Member at Large: open
  • Board Member at Large: Richard Cook
  • Librarian: Rob Dowling
  • Performance Coordinator, Grant Coordinator: Diane Dowling
  • Web Site Managers:¬† Don Bellenger, Diane Dowling